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My friend Ryan Mcjunkin and I hang out and draw quite often.  By drawing, I mean that I scribble in a little sketchbook while Ryan draws a picture, sets up a makeshift silkscreen and prints a stack of beautiful stickers.  He’s a real go getter.


Video of the little press I posted earlier. Instead of clamps I use 2 pieces of painters tape to hinge the screen to the table, not good for multiple color registration but great for single color prints. The long piece of tape on the table is sticky side up, with three pieces of tape holding it to the table. I use this in place of spray adhesive, it holds whatever you’re printing on in place so you don’t get blurry lines from shifting. A few small pieces of tape on the table to mark the approximate placement of the vinyl (or paper, fabric, whatever). A dollop of ink, flood the screen and pull. Sorry my hand is in the way.

The hardest part is finding a small screen and getting the stencil on there. A different subject entirely.

Faultline is having a show March 15th in Oakland and I’ll have a little stack of these guys in my studio to give away, stop by or everyone will think you’re shitty.